About Us

About JomoFi

Welcome to JomoFi, we are creating a gaming community and giving people an opportunity to earn in cryptocurrencies.


To empower people with an economic opportunity on a global stage.


Our mission is to give gamers a platform to interact with other gamers and earn rewards.

Who are We?

Our founders had been working on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain projects for many years. It was then they found the lack of scopes for individuals to earn cryptocurrency, apart from buying and mining.
Bijender Sharma is a passionate cryptocurrency professional, angel investor, lawyer by profession. He has been involved in cryptocurrency since early 2015.

Mukesh Jha is an Engineer and tech creator by passion. He strongly advocates the Gig economy, has worked with many Blockchain and crypto projects since late 2016. He has also built many active crypto communities in India.

Anirudha Jain is currently an engineering undergraduate and a full stack web-developer. He is involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain field for almost two years. He has worked on projects that involved creating bitcoin wallet, smart contracts, Dapp on Ethereum for Proof-Of-Concept, and is currently working on IPFS and JomoFi.