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  • What is Jomofi?

    Jomofi is a platform built for online multiplayer game tournaments. You can find tournaments listed, and play the ones that are attractive for you. You can find both paid and sponsored tournaments here. To join a paid tournament, you have to simply pay through Paytm/UPI. If you win, then you will instantly get the winning prize in the Jomofi wallet. You can withdraw this amount from the wallet to your Paytm or UPI account very easily.

  • What is a tournament?

    A tournament on Jomofi is a custom organized match of any multiplayer games. In each tournament, there is a specific host, match format, entry fee, prizes, number of players allowed, etc. If you are skilled in a certain game and want to challenge others in real life, then you can register in a particular tournament and play against others.

  • What is the Jomofi wallet?

    Jomofi wallet is the inbuilt wallet available on our site. You can add money to this wallet via online payment options like Paytm, UPI, Credit/Debit cards, Net banking, etc. Jomofi wallet balance is used to pay the entry fee of any tournament. Also, the prizes that are won in tournaments are deposited in this Jomofi wallet. You can withdraw money from the Jomofi wallet very easily to your Paytm/ UPI.

  • What is the entry fee?

    The entry fee is the amount required to participate in a given tournament. The entry fee can be zero if the tournament is sponsored by some brand. On Jomofi, the entry fee is deducted from your Jomofi wallet balance. If you don’t have balance in your Jomofi wallet, then you can add money from your Paytm, UPI, Credit/Debit card, Net Banking options.

  • What is the prize?

    The value of the rewards is not set by any particular group. At the time of ICO, the price is set for token sale by the project. After the ICO, when the coin/token is listed on an exchange, the price is determined by the public.

  • Where will I get my rewards?

    Each tournament has some prize listed. In paid tournaments, generally, the prize pool is the total entry fee collected. In free tournaments, the sponsor gives the prizes.The prize of a tournament is announced first, and it cannot be changed later after the registration starts for that tournament. The prize amount is not dependent on the final count of entries.

  • How to register in a tournament?

    When you are on the Home page, click on the game that you want to play. Then you can see the list of tournaments on the next page. Check hostname, entry fee and time of the tournament. Click on the “Play Now” button on the match card that you wish to play. Then on the next page, you can see the tournament details. Just enter your or your team’s PUBG usernames and update it. Now click on the “Pay Now” button to pay the entry fee and complete the registration.

  • What is a refund?

    If a tournament is canceled by the host due to some reasons, like fewer registrations, internet issues etc, then the registered players in that particular match will get a full refund of the entry fee in their Jomofi wallet. A player cannot ask to cancel registration in a tournament after the payment is completed.

  • Who is Host?

    On Jomofi, the tournaments are organized by individual users, and not by the company itself. So anyone can request to become a host on Jomofi to organize tournaments. The host gets special access to Host Panel with which they can list a custom tournament on Jomofi. The host has the freedom to decide the entry fee, prize format, match format, date, and timing, etc. The host can stream the video of the tournament on Youtube or other platforms on player’s demand. The host also gets the opportunity to earn from the entry fees collected. The host creates a custom room and posts room ID and password on the site.

  • How can I become a Host?

    If you have decided that you can do the tournament organizing properly, then you can request us to become a host on Jomofi. We will verify some basic parameters and give you access to the Host Panel. Email us at - info@jomofi.com

  • Who keeps the entry fee and gives prizes?

    On Jomofi all the payments are processed through the Jomofi account. If a player pays an entry fee, then that is collected in the Jomofi bank account. The prizes are given in the Jomofi wallet. When a user wants to withdraw money from the Jomofi wallet, the money is sent by Jomofi. So Jomofi provides you complete fund protection safety, always!Your payments are secured unless the tournament is completed and prizes are distributed. All the money in your Jomofi wallet is yours.

  • Why other games are not active except PUBG?

    We just started with one game. Soon we will add other games also. You can request any particular game that you like to play in a tournament.