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PUBG Rules

Game Rules

  • Custom Match Lobby ID and password will be provided 10-15 mins prior to match start time on the contest page.
  • Format: Single Match Normal Custom Game.
  • Map: Check the map details before joining any match. You should have downloaded that particular map prior to the match start time, also inform all your teammates to do so.
  • Emulator is not allowed. Any player found using emulator will forfeit that tournament.
  • Hackers are not allowed in the match. If caught, will lead to disqualification
  • All players are expected to have read and accepted the rules.
  • In case of tie, rewards will be given equally to both teams.
  • Tournament admin have the last decision on any problem that may occur.
  • Teaming is not allowed.
  • Players will be banned if found teaming up.

How to join the custom Match lobby?

  • Hover below the “Start” button on the upper left corner of your screen (where game mode and server region is set).
  • Then click on the bottom option that contains map selection option.
  • On this page, see left botton side, there is Room option. Click there.
  • Search for the match lobby with given lobby ID & enter the password to join.

How to play this tournament?

  • Join our PUBG Mobile Support Telegram group for dedicated game support.
  • The players have 10-15 minutes from the scheduled match start time to show-up and be ready in the lobby.
  • Failure to do so will result in a forfeit and the match shall progress.
  • Any issues should be reported directly in the Telegram/Whatsapp group.
  • We highly suggest that players check their connection for the match before joining the lobby.
  • Rematch will not take place for any disconnections whatsoever.
  • If a player’s connection to the server becomes unreasonable during a game (lag spikes), the Game must be played.
  • If any player disconnects during the match they forfeit the game unless they are able to reconnect back to the session.

Hacker Rules

  • We are committed to providing a hack free gaming experience to our players. We also request everyone to instantly report us about any hacking suspects during our tournaments. We have made certain rules to avoid hackers by default.
  • 1. The player should be above Level- 40 to participate in our tournaments.
  • 2.The player’s PUBG account should be at least two seasons older. For example, if the current season is 9, then the account should be from Season 8 or older.
  • If someone finds a player out of these categories, then please inform the admin through our email or Telegram chat. Please try to send the recording of the suspect’s gameplay in the complaint, otherwise, it’s difficult for anyone to catch the hacker.
  • It’s requested by everyone to not get rude and complain about someone without having any proof.
  • Email- info@jomofi.com
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