Do you have a serious gaming team and are you looking for a Sponsor?

On Jomofi we are looking for dedicated gaming teams who spend day and night in Erangle, Sanhok, etc, and provide them appropriate brand sponsorships.

We have collaboration with many brands who are always looking to recruit or sponsor dedicated pro teams. The sponsorship includes monthly salary for each player of roster, latest high tech gaming devices like iPhone XR, PC, Mouse, Gaming Chair, etc.

We are also looking for good content creators in gaming like Youtube or Twitch streamers, Bloggers, Entertainers etc. They can also get attractive sponsorship from brands. You do not need to be a very big Youtuber with millions of subscribers. Even if you have 1000 - 10,000 subscribers, and your content quality is awesome, then you have a chance to be sponsored.

The process to be eligible for sponsorship is to be a regular player or content creator on Jomofi. You have to maintain a proper and regular track record in Jomofi tournaments, then only we can notice the best performing teams and refer them to the sponsors.

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