PUBG Rules

Game Rules

  • Custom Match Lobby ID and password will be provided 10-15 mins prior to match start time via Email, notification.
  • Format: Single Match Normal Custom Game.
  • Map: Erangel (Asia, Solo, TPP mode).
  • Emulator is Not allowed. Any player found using emulator will forfeit that tournament.
  • Hackers are not allowed in the match. If caught, will lead to disqualification.
  • All players are expected to have read and accepted the rules.
  • The user must not delete the eligible screenshot posts from Iminfluencer platform till the campaign is active.
  • Tournament admins has the last decision on any problem that may occur.
  • Teaming is Not allowed.
  • Players will be banned if found teaming.
  • Players playing only from season 6 or older will be allowed to play. Accounts from current season only will be removed from room.
  • Other players can also inform us about the newer accounts in the room before match.

How to join the custom Match lobby?

  • Hover below the “Start” button on the upper left corner of your screen (where game mode and server region is set).
  • Then click on the bottom option that looks like a “Home” symbol.
  • This will let you view a list of custom matches.
  • Search for the match lobby with given lobby ID & enter the password to join.

How to play this tournament?

  • Join our PUBG Mobile Support Telegram group for dedicated game support.
  • The players have 10-15 minutes from the scheduled match start time to show-up and be ready in the lobby.
  • Failure to do so will result in a forfeit and the match shall progress.
  • We highly suggest that players check their connection for the match before joining the lobby.
  • Rematch will not take place for any disconnections whatsoever.
  • If a player’s connection to the server becomes unreasonable during a game (lag spikes), the Game must be played.
  • If any player disconnects during the match they forfeit the game unless they are able to reconnect back to the session.